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Who we are

Actualizado: 29 nov 2023

Experts in mobile technology innovation.

Welcome to Dribba, a software agency with a primary focus on mobile technology. Based in the capital of international business trades and the hub of innovative mobile technologies, Barcelona, Dribba is not only aspiring but also conveniently equipped with all the right characteristics to deliver high-end mobile technology solutions.

The Team behind Dribba

A team of developers with a passion for innovation, born and raised with the revolutionary rise in mobile technology, Dribba has members working it who have technology running in their DNA. This paves way for Dribba to become a promising and enthusiastic agency. We are developers and tech-geeks that love going above and beyond what we do, and enjoy delivering solutions that exceed expectations.

We are innovative and creative, creating ideas that make an impact in the most unique way.

We are Dribba.

Why Mobile Technology?

Mobile technology is ranking at an all-time high, everything’s going directly in consumers’ hands – literally.

Dribba was established to ensure that your business makes an impact on your customers via mobile solutions integrated exceptionally with innovation. We are Dribba, taking your ideas and turning them into innovative digital mobile solutions to serve your clients with. With businesses turning over to the revolutionary rise of mobile technology, now is the chance for your business to join the trend and succeed by capturing consumers’ attention through creativity. Now you can deliver and market your brand successfully, utilizing the potential mobile technology has to offer in the fullest way. Dribba has worked with a variety of clients in the past, ranging from large corporations to small businesses – all making the most out of mobile technology.

You can too.

Our Services

Any regarding mobile technology you can think of, we can do it. Dribba delivers a range of services that spans the full spectrum of mobile technology. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver solutions that are comprehensive and serving clients with a diverse range of services they can choose from. Our services include app development, market strategy and app distribution, wearables, user experience (UX) and mobile interaction, user interface (UI) design, backend systems provider, and more.

Our WORK Methodology

Dribba doesn’t just serve you with professional software solutions but also serves them right. With a work methodology that has been sound and effective for all our past clients, we are able to promise efficiency of our work. Our methodology is briefly maintained as:

  1. Thought Process: Innovation, strategy, user requirements, impact, design, etc. are all discussed and brainstormed in the initial stage of our work. This helps us create a solid plan for our clients as per their chosen service.

  2. Development: After the thought process is settled, we get to the development – where we create blueprints of the service to be delivered.

  3. Implementation: We have the blueprints and they’re ready to serve your business, therefore we begin implementation. We serve you in the best possible way, providing solutions professionally.

  4. After-project finishing: We don’t leave right after implementation, we thoroughly check and evaluate our service to ensure the desired end-stage is achieved.

For more information on Dribba, get in touch with us today.


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