We have been creating the best mobile apps and software for the best companies and startups for more than 10 years.

We design projects for ...
Desarrollo app Luxottica
Desarrollo app CityXerpa
Desarrollo app Lactalis Nestlé
Desarrollo app Barça (FCB)
Desarrollo de apps nativas para empresas

Native app development

Development of apps for iOS and Android using Swift and Kotlin. Developing an app natively is the safe bet to increase performance, reliability and available resources.

Diseño de apps para empresas en Barcelona

UX and UI design and development

We design unique mobile experiences designed to be used by thousands of users. We always think about mobile-first when creating an app design.

Desarrollo de apps para empresas y startups en Flutter

App development with Flutter

We create multiplatform apps with Flutter, our clear bet for the future. With the new Flutter platform, you will reduce costs of your company's apps and increase development times considerably.

Desarrollo de plataformas backend para empresas en Barcelona

Cloud project development

We define and develop complete technological infrastructures. Servers, architecture, scalability, ... A good backend is essential for the proper functioning of the app for your company, find out with us.

Asesoramiento tecnológico para empresas en Barcelona

Technological advice

We work hand in hand with large companies and startups to design the best technical strategy. A good mobile business strategy is key when designing an app for your business, startup or company.

Custom projects

We develop any app or software project for your company, business or startup. Check with us for more information.



Corporate apps and tailor-made projects since 2012.

Dribba was born in 2012 with the sole objective of providing large companies and startups around the world with the best mobile development service.

We work hand in hand with your company to find the best way to optimize your resources and facilitate internal management tasks.

We are specialists in proposing business management apps and complete corporate projects, apps for iOS, Android or Flutter and backend management systems.

Check with us for more information.

Do not you find what you are looking for? We develop custom software and apps for any sector.

Contact us to see the possibilities with your project.

Diseñamos y desarrollamos apps a medida para empresas


If you need to design or develop your app, contact us and we will sit down to discuss it.


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We actively collaborate in training programs in ...
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