Dribba’s DNA is 100% mobile-oriented. We have been developing apps for over 5 years for platforms like iOS (iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch) and Android.

We believe in 100% native apps to extract maximally the iPhone and Android capabilities for your clients. Advanced geolocation, Bluetooth connectivity, optimized videos and photos, … All these functionalities can only be efficiently obtained with native apps development.

With either Apps for iPhone and Android to increase your brand-awareness or corporative management apps; any project keeps us motivated and we will make it ours.

The app developement has a few stages that must be taken into consideration. At Dribba, we control each and every one of those satges, from the very begining of concept and design until distribution and commercialization within the App Store or Google Play, going through the development and a marketing strategy build.

Design your app for iPhone and Android
– App development for Android and iPhone
ASO (App Store Optimization) for the App Store and Google Play
Strategies of communication
Analytics of usage, downloads and user interactions

Trust your iPhone and Android app development to a specialized company in the design and technology mobile development. To create an app for iPhone and Android is very different to develop a regular website, and we know that well.

Take a look at our latest projects for both iOS and Android and if you have any questions, or a project in mind, do not hesitate to call as at (+34) 93 408 90 30 or contact us.

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