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Development of apps for companies using Swift (iOS) or Kotlin (Android). Native app development.

Dribba was born to offer large companies and startups the best app development service and software factory in the market, both at the Spanish level (Dribba SL), and later at the Swiss level (Dribba GmbH).


We create apps for companies, startups and SMEs around the world (Barcelona, ​​Holland, USA, Singapore, ...), advising and developing projects from scratch with the best possible technology.


We are specialists in developing business apps using native technologies, such as Swift / Objective-C for iOS devices or Kotlin / Java for Android devices.


We have been working for more than 10 years with the technologies that large manufacturers provide us, advanced geolocation, Bluetooth connectivity and connection with peripherals, videos and photos in an optimal way, image processing through augmented reality, ... We can express all these functionalities because we know how to deal with the native technologies of the devices with which we work.


We advise our Clients from the first steps of their project, until their app is posted in the App Store or Google Play Store. And we don't stop here.


We offer customized maintenance plans, continuous development options, brainstorming sessions, joint ventures between clients, ... everything so that your project grows and grows without stopping.


We have carried out native projects with Clients such as Bayer .


Together with Bayer's veterinary team, we created an application for their entire sales team at a European level that allowed them to have fast, agile and instant access to a whole set of internal resources.


This application had to allow access (even without connection) to all the information in the department's commercial pool .


We created an application for iPad, using Swift as the main development platform. The success was resounding and the commercials could have direct access to all the resources instantly.


We have also worked with BGrup, a large company specialized in the distribution of food and kitchen equipment for restaurants, hotels and small businesses.


The challenge was to create an application where each Client could view the offer available for their area / business and buy said offer directly on their iPhone or Android phone. Using Swift and Java as the main development platform, we not only achieved the goal but, through the implementation of a general public payment gateway, we were able to create a new line of business for our Client.


During the confinement due to Covid-19, BGrup was able to open a new business vertical and reach all Clients who so desired, using our app. It cannot be said that the success of the action was resounding and we managed to reach an unenviable turnover in the first 15 days.


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