Backend development and web applications.


We develop backend platforms and high performance web applications for companies and startups. If you are looking for an internal management or productivity platform, read on.

With the development of any mobile solution, the need to create a robust information, user and metric management system appears.


At Dribba, we are experts in creating dashboards and management web applications for companies. We are specialists in creating robust information architectures.


We use REST APIs for communication between our apps and its servers, we use GraphQL to optimize these APIs in the vast majority of projects. We also use SocketIO for real-time solutions, along with GraphQL subscriptions.


For more than 4 years, we have been using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to build the solutions and platforms for our Clients, developing scalable, fast and efficient projects.


We also develop web applications for the management of mobile projects with which we work. We create statistics panels and advanced user management, we use VueJS or ReactJS for their development.


If you need to develop a web platform for your project or company app, contact us for more information.


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