Design and development of UX / UI for apps for companies and startups.


We create unique mobile experiences, from programming, conceptualization and design.

Make no mistake, we all love a good design and a good user experience, whether in our purchase at the supermarket, or in the use of the latest technological gadget ... and we know it.


After more than 10 years working with large companies, startups, entrepreneurs and users, we can say that we know what the public is looking for in an app. Whether it is a B2B solution, or a B2C solution, we know how to propose it to get the most out of your project.


The definition of the user journey or the arrangement of the elements on the screen are key points when defining the concept of an app.


We brand guardians or brand designers work together to offer the best user experience in the app, and outside of it. Consistency is everything.


We offer the service of UX development, interface design, GUI creation and usability study.


Recently, we have applied our knowledge in mobile usability to redesign the entire user experience and application design of the Andorran startup CityXerpa.


Not only do we modify your entire application using Flutter , but we redesign your entire digital concept, creating a solid, coherent project in line with the values ​​you want to convey. The process lasted more than 6 months, several design iterations, tests with final clients and changes in production were the steps of a hard journey that culminated in the launch of the new home service app in the country of the Pyrenees.


Our approach made sales grow more than 320% during the first three months and made them establish themselves as a reference in terms of technological development in Andorra.


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