Do you want to find out how much your app project is worth? At Dribba we develop apps for large companies and startups. We create unique mobile experiences and we create projects based on a mobile channel designed to be used by thousands of users.


We are an app development company in Barcelona and Zürich. We work for clients such as CityXerpa, Grupo NAOS (Bioderma and Esthederm), Yamaha or Freshperts. If you want to develop projects based on mobile channels, contact us today.


Development of apps for iOS and Android using Swift and Kotlin. Developing an app natively is the safe bet to increase performance, reliability and available resources.


We create multiplatform apps with Flutter, our clear bet for the future. With the new Flutter platform, you will reduce costs for your company's apps and increase development times considerably.


We develop any app or software project for your company, business or startup. Check with us for more information.


We work hand in hand with large companies and startups to design the best technical strategy. A good mobile business strategy is key when designing an app for your business, startup or company.


We design unique mobile experiences designed to be used by thousands of users. We always think about mobile-first when creating an app design.


We define and develop complete technological infrastructures. Servers, architecture, scalability, ... A good backend is essential for the proper functioning of the app for your company, find out with us.


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